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MBA Career Insights: Businesses in NJ That Announced Closings in 2023



Last Updated on July 31, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Retail Apocalypse Hits New Jersey: Popular Chains and Local Favorites Announce Closures

In a devastating blow to the struggling brick-and-mortar retail industry, numerous businesses in New Jersey have recently confirmed their closure or permanent shutdowns. With the COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbating their challenges, these closures represent the grim reality faced by establishments across the state.

One iconic establishment bidding farewell is A&S Salumeria, a beloved Italian deli located in Millstone Township. After proudly serving customers for an impressive 45 years, the deli has decided to close its doors for good, leaving behind a rich legacy.

Another casualty of the times is the renowned Angeloni’s II Restaurant and Lounge in Atlantic City. This Italian eatery’s closure comes after 42 years of operation, leaving both locals and visitors saddened by the loss of an enduring culinary institution.

The drag-racing community mourns the permanent closure of Atco Dragway, the oldest and most prestigious drag-racing strip in New Jersey. With over six decades of history, the closure marks the end of an era for motorsport enthusiasts.

Even popular chain restaurants are not immune to the economic fallout. Bertucci’s, a long-standing Italian restaurant chain, announced the closure of its last New Jersey location in Mount Laurel. As patrons bid their goodbyes, they reflect on the memories made within the walls of this beloved establishment.

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Cherry Hill Diner, a cherished local favorite, faced a similar fate. A 58-year-old institution adored by the community, the diner has closed its doors and will soon be demolished to make way for a car wash, marking the end of an era.

Corrado’s Market, a grocery store in Wayne, has also shut down, leaving only two remaining locations in Clifton and Fairfield. The closure leaves a significant gap in the local shopping landscape.

DiBartolo European Bakery, a pillar in the community of Collingswood, has permanently closed after serving customers for half a century. The bakery’s closure has left residents longing for the sweet treats they had grown accustomed to.

In Parsippany, the closure of Empire Diner hit locals hard. The land housing the once-thriving diner has been sold for redevelopment, leaving behind cherished memories and a void in the community.

A Portuguese culinary gem, Iberia Tavern & Restaurant in Newark’s Ironbound section, bid farewell after nearly five decades of serving authentic dishes. The restaurant’s closure leaves a void in the culinary fabric of the neighborhood.

Kohler’s Bakery in Avalon, renowned for its delectable pastries, recently announced its plans to shut down after an impressive 74 years in operation. As residents bid their goodbyes, they remember the bakery’s contribution to the community’s sweet tooth.

Lidl, a prominent supermarket chain, closed its stores in Burlington Township and Howell, citing underperformance. The vacancy left by these closures impacts the local retail landscape.

Sipos’ Bakery, a beloved bakery in Perth Amboy, has also succumbed to the challenging retail climate. After nearly 50 years of delighting the community with their baked goods, the bakery has permanently closed.

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Surf Taco in Jackson Township has joined the list of casualties since 2020. With the closure of this popular eatery, loyal patrons are left craving their Mexican-inspired dishes.

Tacos El Tio Mexican Grill & Bar closed one of its New Jersey locations after less than a year of operation. The closure serves as a stark reminder of the volatile business landscape.

The Tortilla Press, a beloved eatery in Collingswood, has closed permanently due to the severe impact of the pandemic. This closure marks yet another major blow to the local culinary scene.

The UK sports pub-themed chain, Tilted Kilt, has closed its last remaining New Jersey location, leaving fans of the franchise disappointed.

Finally, a longtime community gathering spot, Wawa, closed its store in Buena Vista Township after over 50 years in business. The closure marks the end of an era for this popular convenience store chain.

Adding to the growing list of closures, Woodbridge Bowling Center, after serving the community for over 40 years, is expected to be converted into a self-storage facility. The center’s closure means the loss of a cherished recreational spot for bowlers.

All these closures and shutdowns further highlight the profound challenges faced by the brick-and-mortar retail industry, with the COVID-19 pandemic acting as an additional catalyst. As these establishments bid their farewells, their legacies remain etched in the memories of the communities they served for countless years.

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