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My MBA Career: An Electric Approach to Cleaner Skies



Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Aviation Enthusiast Creates Clean Form of Air Travel to Combat Climate Change

Subtitle: Thilo Braun and his team at And Battery Aero (ABA) are pioneering the development of lightweight and safe battery systems for electric aircraft

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[City], [State] – Thilo Braun, a dedicated aviation enthusiast, is on a mission to revolutionize the aviation industry and combat climate change. Recognizing the significant contribution of aviation to global warming and pollution, Braun has undertaken the challenge of creating a clean form of air travel.

Braun’s passion for transportation and his concern for the environment prompted him to study engineering and work for a startup that was developing electric flying cars. It was during this time that Braun connected with his co-founders, who had expertise in batteries for aviation, while studying at Stanford University. This meeting ultimately led to the creation of their company, And Battery Aero (ABA).

The primary focus of ABA is to develop battery systems for aircraft that are both lightweight and possess high energy capacity while ensuring utmost safety. Working alongside technology and commercial partners in the electric aviation industry, the team is constantly refining and testing their innovative battery systems.

The impressive lineage of Braun’s family has played a crucial role in inspiring and motivating him throughout his pursuit of creating a clean form of aviation. From his great-granduncle’s involvement in aviation to his mother’s resilience as an entrepreneur, Braun draws strength from his family’s history of achievement.

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Though they acknowledge the considerable challenges ahead, including the complexity of balancing weight, durability, cost, and safety in battery technology, Braun and his team remain confident in their ability to find the right solution. ABA firmly believes that electric aviation has the potential to transform the industry, bringing about cost savings, enabling new aircraft designs, and significantly reducing emissions.

Aviation enthusiasts, environmentalists, and forward-thinking individuals worldwide eagerly await the breakthroughs that Braun and his team are set to achieve. Their dedication to creating a clean form of aviation highlights the growing necessity for sustainable alternatives in the transportation sector.

As Braun and ABA continue to push the boundaries of technology, their groundbreaking developments offer hope that a greener future for aviation is within reach. Their efforts not only contribute to the fight against climate change but also inspire a new generation of innovators to work towards a sustainable and cleaner future.

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