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My MBA Career: Remarkable Job Outcomes at a Leading U.S. B-School



Last Updated on October 29, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Georgia Tech Scheller MBA Graduates Achieve Near Perfect Job Placement and Record Salaries

Georgia Tech Scheller Full-time MBA graduates continue to shine as they achieve an impressive 96% employment rate within just three months of graduation. The Class of 2023 has set a new milestone in terms of average salary base, reaching a record-breaking $154,679, marking a remarkable 12.25% increase from the previous year.

The Scheller MBA program has become a launchpad for success in various industries. It was found that 58% of graduates secured coveted positions in the highly competitive consulting industry. Other flourishing sectors for Scheller graduates include technology, financial services, and transportation/logistics. This outstanding success can be attributed to the college’s top-ranked career services support, which is provided by the esteemed Jones MBA Career Center.

In other news, college presidents across the nation are expressing their disagreement with the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on affirmative action. A survey conducted reported that a staggering 68% of college and university presidents oppose the court’s curbing of race-conscious admissions. They argue that diversity and inclusivity should remain fundamental aspects of higher education.

Another significant development comes from the University of Northern Iowa, where David W. Wilson, a UNI graduate, made a historic donation of $25 million to the institution’s College of Business. Wilson’s generous pledge establishes the Wilson Endowment for Integrity and Excellence, marking the largest single gift in UNI’s history. As a result, the business college will be renamed the David W. Wilson College of Business. The donation aims to advance business ethics education and ensure the continued success of students in the dynamic business world.

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Finally, recent reports from the Wall Street Journal indicate that job opportunities for MBA graduates are facing scarcity in today’s market. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, MBA graduates are urged to navigate the job hunt strategically and proactively explore emerging sectors.

At “My MBA Career,” we continue to provide valuable insights and guidance to MBA students and graduates, helping them excel in the ever-changing corporate landscape. Stay tuned for additional updates and advice on landing your dream job.

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