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My MBA Journey: Accelerating Career Growth for First-Gen Students



Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

San José State University’s Lucas Graduate School of Business (LGSB) has become a top choice for first-generation MBA students, mirroring the nesting birds on the school’s tower. Thalía Cortés, a first-generation Latina student, is on track to complete her MBA at LGSB despite facing numerous obstacles along the way. She credits the program’s dedicated professors and comprehensive curriculum for her success.

Another MBA student, Victoria Stephenson, chose LGSB for its affordability, prime location in Silicon Valley, and strong connections to the tech industry. Stephenson emphasized the program’s value, citing the exceptional professors, networking events, and impressive return on investment.

David Poirier, an Early Career MBA student, discovered his passion for academia through LGSB and aspires to pursue a Ph.D. to become a professor or academic administrator. Poirier commends SJSU for offering diverse opportunities for students to explore different career paths and find their true calling.

Yvette Trejo, a longtime staff member at LGSB, has been supporting students for over 15 years and is a valuable resource for information about the MBA programs at SJSU. Trejo’s dedication to helping students navigate their academic journey has been instrumental in the success of many aspiring business professionals.

With its commitment to diversity, affordability, and strong industry ties, San José State University’s Lucas Graduate School of Business continues to attract and support a diverse group of MBA students on their path to success.

Phyllis J. Broussard is an accomplished writer and educator with a passion for MBA courses. With years of experience in both academia and industry, she has established herself as an expert in the field of business education. Her writing on MBA courses is highly regarded for its depth of insight and practical application.

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