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Rex Williss MBA Journey: Insights from an HBS Veteran (MBA 2024)



Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

US Navy Officer and Harvard Business School (HBS) MBA student Rex Willis is sharing his unique journey and highlighting the valuable contributions of veterans on this Veterans Day. Willis discovered his passion for discipline, professionalism, and teamwork through his involvement in Junior ROTC during high school. This early experience led him to attend the United States Naval Academy, where he ultimately became a Naval Officer serving in the Surface Warfare community.

During his time in the military, Willis found motivation in leading and empowering his team, recognizing that humans are the most important asset. This drive to serve others stems from his mother’s non-profit organization, Favor House, which focuses on helping underprivileged families, particularly youth in low-income communities.

Attending Harvard Business School as an active-duty service member has allowed Willis to combine his military background with a dynamic academic environment. He has gained valuable insights from classmates with a wide range of professional backgrounds. The collaborative and inclusive nature of the HBS community has expanded Willis’s worldview and honed his ability to serve with impact.

Looking toward the future, Willis plans to continue serving his country onboard a ship after graduation. He is eager to apply the lessons he has learned at HBS to become a more effective leader and make a lasting impact on the Navy.

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Willis’s story serves as an inspiring example of how veterans can transition into successful MBA careers. His unique combination of military training and business education positions him to thrive in a variety of industries. By recognizing the importance of teamwork, leadership, and service, Willis highlights the valuable contributions that veterans bring to the business world.

This Veterans Day, let us not only honor those who have served but also celebrate individuals like Rex Willis, who are leveraging their military experience to make a difference in their MBA careers. As we reflect on the sacrifices made by veterans, let us remember their ability to adapt, lead, and serve, qualities that continue to shape their contributions long after they have left the military.

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