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ChatGPTs Performance in MBA Essays: A Review



Last Updated on May 8, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

MBA Candidates Disappointed with ChatGPT’s Role in Essay Writing

Many MBA candidates were initially excited about the potential of ChatGPT as a tool to help with essay writing, hoping to bypass the high fees of admissions consulting services. However, the results have been underwhelming, with examples of cliché-filled essays being generated by the AI tool.

While ChatGPT can be helpful in expressing concepts, refining language, and improving readability, it is not a silver bullet for the main challenges of MBA essay writing. These challenges include self-reflection, self-awareness, and effectively showcasing one’s personality to the admissions committee.

Petia Whitmore, founder of My MBA Path and former dean of MBA admissions, stresses the importance of using ChatGPT as a supplementary tool rather than relying solely on it for MBA applications. Whitmore acknowledges the benefits of the AI tool but emphasizes that it should be used in conjunction with other resources to ensure a well-rounded and authentic application.

As MBA candidates continue to navigate the competitive admissions process, it is essential to approach ChatGPT and similar tools with caution. While they may offer some assistance in the writing process, they cannot replace the personal touch and individual voice that are crucial to a successful MBA application. Ultimately, the key to a standout essay lies in the candidate’s ability to convey their unique story and qualifications effectively.

Phyllis J. Broussard is an accomplished writer and educator with a passion for MBA courses. With years of experience in both academia and industry, she has established herself as an expert in the field of business education. Her writing on MBA courses is highly regarded for its depth of insight and practical application.

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