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GMAT Scores Comparison: Top U.S. MBA Programs



Last Updated on September 2, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

USC Marshall School of Business Sets New Record with Increased GMAT Scores for MBA Class

USC Marshall School of Business has achieved a significant milestone this year by enrolling an MBA class with an impressive average Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score of 732. This marks a remarkable 16-point increase from the previous year, positioning USC Marshall amongst other top-ranked business schools.

The success of USC Marshall in boosting their GMAT average can be attributed to a range of factors. Firstly, the school’s applicant pool has grown in quality and quantity, attracting highly talented and motivated individuals. Additionally, the school’s commitment to curriculum innovation has enhanced the learning experience and prepared students for success in their careers. Strong career outcomes and improved rankings have also played a significant role in attracting high GMAT scorers to USC Marshall.

While USC Marshall’s achievement is commendable, it is interesting to note that the trend of increased GMAT scores is not limited to just one institution. In fact, 12 out of 27 MBA programs have reported an increase in their GMAT averages in 2022. However, it is worth mentioning that the growth rate has slowed down compared to the previous year, with only 23 out of 26 programs witnessing increases in 2021.

Among the schools that have made remarkable progress in increasing their class score average, USC Marshall stands out with a double-digit year-over-year increase. In just two years, the school has seen a notable 25-point rise, making it the second-largest improvement among the schools surveyed. The overall average GMAT score across 22 schools in 2022 is reported to be 714.7, surpassing the previous year’s average of 712.3.

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While USC Marshall’s accomplishment is certainly praiseworthy, it is worth noting that it is not the only school witnessing significant GMAT score growth. The Indiana Kelley School of Business holds the distinction of having the biggest increase since 2020, with a remarkable jump of 33 points.

Looking at the broader trend, 15 business schools have experienced increases in their GMAT averages since 2017, illuminating the importance of this metric in evaluating the quality and reputation of MBA programs. USC Marshall leads the pack in this regard, with a remarkable gain of 29 points in the past six years. On the other hand, five schools have seen a decline in their GMAT averages over the same period.

USC Marshall’s remarkable achievement in boosting their GMAT average serves to underscore the school’s rising reputation and attractiveness to high-quality applicants. The improved scores not only reflect the School of Business’s commitment to academic excellence but also reaffirm its ability to provide a transformative MBA experience to its students.

In summary, the recent enrollment of an MBA class with an average GMAT score of 732 at USC Marshall School of Business is a testament to the institution’s dedication to academic excellence and student success. As the school continues to attract talented and motivated individuals, its rising reputation is set to solidify its position among the top-ranked business schools in the nation.

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