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My MBA Journey: Alex Berry, UC-Berkeley (Haas) – 2024 Top MBA Graduate



Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Alex Berry, a technologist, career coach, and social entrepreneur from Albany, GA, is making waves at Berkeley Haas as a standout member of the Class of 2024. With a focus on impact over status, Berry has a diverse background that sets him apart from his peers.

Before coming to Haas, Berry co-produced a pandemic-era cooking show that brought together over 1,500 people and resulted in the creation of a cookbook. This experience showcases Berry’s ability to build communities and think creatively in challenging times.

Berry’s academic background includes a BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering with double minors in business and Mandarin from Georgia Tech. Prior to business school, Berry worked at Intel as a technical program manager and founder of Chocolate Milk Diplomacy (CMD) LLC, a social entrepreneurship startup focused on storytelling in career, team, and organizational coaching.

During his time at Haas, Berry has served as the Student Body President of the MBA Association, Graduate Teaching Assistant, and held leadership roles in various programs and groups. He is currently interning at EdVisorly, a seed stage EdTech startup, as he seeks a post-graduation role at the intersection of product management and social impact.

Berry’s ultimate goal is to become a full-time faculty member at a top innovation-minded business school and lead a world-class product organization in the education space. His favorite MBA professor, Solène Delecourt, and classmate, Flora Morgan, have inspired him with their energy, practicality, and leadership qualities.

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Overall, Alex Berry has been an invaluable addition to the Berkeley Haas community, showcasing exceptional leadership qualities and a commitment to enhancing the student experience. His dedication to making a positive impact in the world will undoubtedly shape his future career path.

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